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dimanche 3 août 2014

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The amazing benefits you get when you eat the water in the morning

The amazing benefits you get when you eat the water in the morning, according to recent studies that drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning may help to get rid of many health problems, and disease prevention, and treatment is to take the water a means of health famous by the Japanese people, which is the secret of their wallets physical activity and intellectual throughout the day, and the system relies on eating 4 cups of water in the morning on an empty stomach and then wait for ½ hour before eating anything. Supply you the benefits of water for the body: purifying the body of toxins: Works water intake on an empty stomach to get rid of toxins that accumulate throughout the night while sleeping effectively, which helps to prevent many diseases and improve the appearance of the skin. Get rid of the headache: Do not drink water in abundance of the common causes of headaches and that unknown to many people, and drinking 3 cups of water in the morning on an empty stomach protects you from headaches. Colon purification of waste: water works to clean the colon, and purified from the remnants of digested food, and waste which helps to improve digestion, absorption and ease of important nutrients, and the prevention of indigestion. Increase the production of red blood cells: Recent research suggests that drinking water on an empty stomach stimulates red blood cells to grow rapidly, leading to increased numbers compared with people who eat the amount of water is not enough. - Drinking water generally increases the metabolic rate by 24%, in the case of dieting to lose weight is to drink water on an empty stomach helps to increase the rate of fat burning, and purifies the body and the liver in particular of toxins which helps you lose weight more easily. Also, drink water after eating prevents turning oils in food into fat, so try eating a cup to 3 cups of water in the morning and a cup after each meal.

jeudi 31 juillet 2014

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How to provide testosterone in the body, and in a natural way?

How to provide testosterone in the body, and in a natural way?

Testosterone is a male hormone or hormone when there are men and women, but very small, and when women have a large proportion of the men, but how we can increase this hormone in the body before exercise and strength training, in particular, and in a natural way?

1 - Sleep: - increase testosterone and decrease in cycles daily and seasonal every day increases the hormone during sleep, and whenever a period of sleep fixed to the extent required, at the same time every day is your body is able to produce on a regular basis for this, which is the highest periods of testosterone in the body in the morning and in the afternoon if you can not be practiced even in the days to leave the morning exercise is best.

2 - exercise large muscle groups: - that you do not know the muscle, such as the chest or muscles bice is very small in the body compared the muscle of the front legs and back, for example, to exercise those muscle groups at the beginning of the exercise makes the body is forced to secrete large amounts of testosterone that Ghaderaly be the strength of this large muscle groups, which will benefit Attali later in the rest of the exercises in the small muscle groups.

3 - Do not drink alcohol and drugs: - that drinking this stuff weaken the central nervous system, eventually leading to a lack of response from the body to secrete hormones required amounts requested or required times should be less or secretion later than you need, and this, of course case, straining body to request that the hormone does not find him, but it was too late and excreted, while efforts have made more of a hormone that is secreted for some time, which negatively affects the body.

Note: - Testosterone is the hormone responsible for two things about love and anger, Glory to God, who made the same hormone responsible for two things completely contradictory.
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GYM for beginner

Diet program for the novice player in the sport of bodybuilding
- First Choice: 3 whole eggs + bread + cup milk
- Second choice: 4 slices cheese + bread + cup milk
- First Choice: the thigh of chicken + rice dish + salad + cup milk
- Second choice: meat + rice dish + salad + cup milk
- Third choice: fish + rice dish + salad + cup milk
- First Choice: 2 Rob + dish potatoes + salad + a loaf of bread
- Second choice: pasta with tuna + fruit juice of any kind
-------------------------------------------------- ------------
Pre-workout meal by an hour:
Microns or potato juice or problem or three bananas
1 - to be among the meal that followed at least 3 hours.
2 - Do not drink water during eating.
3 - possible compensation for any meal of the Proposed Alojpay protein product.
4 - that period of not less than 8 hours of sleep are mostly in the Night.
Diet program to slim person (amplified)
Even realized what you wish for an increase in your strength and increase your size and weight and muscle you need to provide three elements: strenuous exercise - comfort food
To exercise proper based on the origins of scientific stimulates muscle growth and in order to achieve this growth, the body needs to Article fundamental in the growth process, a protein and Talve in turn divided into: - Protein full of animal origin such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs and Homanm in the growth process.
- Minus the protein from vegetarian source such as beans and lentils, which is important in the growth process, but a good source of energy.
The body needs to complete the process of growing into a power source, a material Alkrbu hydrates, which are divided into:
- Simple carbohydrates such as juice, fruit and pastries.
- And complex carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and bread.
Feedback is important for the nutrition program:
1 - Eat 4 to 5 meals a day and be sure to contain the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and green salad.
2 - Rob taking the tray with a small finger bananas between meals.
3 - a pill vitamins c sparkling with a glass of water before exercise quarter of an hour, to help to build muscle and increase muscle strength.
4 - juice before exercise and during exercise to supply the body with energy and only Saztr the body to burn muscle and turn it into energy.
5 - a meal of complex carbohydrates before exercise hour.
Meal of Alkrbu hydrate complex and simple excelled hours after exercise to help increase muscle size.